Raspberry Pi Embedded System


Below is a compilation of Videos From TECH ERUDIO’s You tube channel. This is the best so far I have seen, and he explains very brilliantly from the very introduction of the Raspberry Pi, including some Basic Linux Commands.

To navigate the playlist, click on the PLAYLIST on the top right and select from the list. Then click on the playlist again for it to return.

Now after you have completed the above playlist, its time to get your hands dirty with the GPIO, the main automation interface. This is where you start messing with electronic components and coding the Pi with python to perform some real task.

The Video below is from Fraser May. He introduces the GPIO and used python to code it to blink an LED. Enjoy, and experiment with the Python Code..


Below is a link on how you can make your Pi, a wireless Access point. Basically, you just configure it broadcast a WiFi service, and then, any device connected to it, will have all its internet request routed to the Ethernet Router. How nifty is that !!