Mission Statement

Its All About Giving Back ….

The MIO (Moses Ike Organization) project is a project founded on the core platform of computing and security technology, and strives to maximize this platform to improve every aspect of human society. The advent of information technology will continue to push for new heights, as new innovations are introduced every minute !. It is evident that the challenges we face as a civilized society are rapidly being reduced as methods and processes become more efficient and cost effective.

The information enterprise and industry witnessed significant growth and expansion due to improved technology advances and capabilities enabled by the extension of the local area network, including but not limited to virtualization and cloud computing. The same can be said in other areas of the industry, including medicine, were health systems can now better manage patient data, resulting in an overall quality of service and medical advances.

However, the inter-networking of our communities also has its drawbacks and dangers. The internet community continue to be vulnerable to unauthorized access, denial of service attacks (DoS), network penetration, information intrusion, malware and viruses, and many other cyber attacks. Hence, the organization is committed to the cause of addressing the concerns and offering means of protection.

The Organization’s Platform are as follows:

We are dedicated to providing pragmatic solutions to many challenges faced by the world of information technology. Our teams are constantly exploring new ways and methods that will guarantee high quality, as well as concrete optimization of computing processes, and the deployment of IT solutions.

Our member voluntarily sign up for advanced research hours, where each person, irrespective of profession, get involved into a specific area of information technology, in order to re-discover or re-invent improved methods, designs and algorithms in solving todays computing problems

The organization is constantly on the look out for new highlights and trends as we advance in this journey to complete efficiency. News and events will be constantly posted and uploaded, so that our visitors, and members will be kept up to date, and in line with the fast-changing nature of this electronic age.

Countless materials, resources, tools, and publications are being uploaded on the education area of the website, dedicated to teaching the public about several topics in current trends in Technology, how they could benefit from it, as well as how they can protect themselves from the potential dangers that are inevitable to this internet society. Students who are interested in Information Technology can benefit from tutorials that will be unleashed on the education area. Subjects that will be taught will include but not limited to web development, linux, PHP, mySQL database, TCP/IP Networking, cyber-security, computer architecture, embedded systems, java , C++, C#, assembly language, servers, and many more..

Our community is composed of a diversified workforce of people from diverse backgrounds and experience. Ranging from college professors to restaurant’s chef, our goal is to engage in a positive dialog, directed towards ways in making our lives better, taking advantage of the benefits of information technology. We have a blog page where a conversation is started, and the community can engage in meaningful and informative, but upbuilding conversations


“There is no bound to where we can go. The Internet is only a subset of the human network.” — Moses Ike