The MIO Embedded System

Our design and implementation is based on integrating a System On Chip  (which includes an ARM Processor , memory , and Graphics Processor Unit on a Broadcom SoC ), interfaced with external digital sockets and co-processors. Pre-packaged micro-board that houses the SoC will be run on a customized minimalistic build of Linux OS, optimized  for the hardware, to perform targeted real time operations, specific to the user’s need.

Our team selected the Raspberry Pi model B, which has a Broadcom BCM2835 System on chip (SoC), which includes an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor (can be over-clocked to I GHz, using the Turbo modes), as our implementation machine core. Also included on chip is a Video Core IV Graphics processor Unit with 512 MB of RAM.

raspberry pi




Through the extension of the GPIO (General Purpose Input and Output) ports, external logic gates, sockets, and co-processors,  we plan to deeply explore the unthinkable possibilities of embedded systems operations and automations. Our Systems Engineering will be based on the C language, together with programming with PYTHON as our main software scripting interface.

Our products following our work will consist of real-time monitoring systems, real-time detection systems, advanced home automations, readers, recognizers, and unit processing schedulers.


Documentations will be released following US copyrights approvals

Please bear with us. Thank you


Special Thanks:

Prof Nhut Nguyen

(Computer Architecture)

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

The University of Texas at Dallas