The Founder, the Organization, the Members ..

The MIO Project is a community started under the Moses Ike Organization (MIO). Moses Ike, the founder and president of the MIO Project, is a cybersecurity researcher and computer scientist . He holds a bachelors and masters of science degree in computer science from the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, at the University of Texas at Dallas, with focus on cybersecurity and network engineering. He is an associate of International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) towards CISSP, and holds several professional certifications in IT and security including Cisco’s CCNP Certifications.

Moses Ike is a charismatic and pragmatic believer in the role information technology has come to play in the society. He often refers to himself as a “forever student” because he believes in continuous learning, researching, and the re-invention of ideas, algorithms, and methods in order for resources and technology to be better utilized, more efficiently , cost-effectively, and towards a maximized performance. His core skills and interests are in cyber-security, network engineering, virtualization, and secure application design and development. He also gained some leadership/business experience while working for Coca-Cola, in Dallas Tx, from 2009  —   2012.

The organization’s core members is made up of students and professionals in the IT and security field, as well as volunteers  from other fields. They are dedicated and hardworking individuals who believe strongly in team work, commitment and community. The goal of the organization is to advance the core principles of the organization’s platform, which are :

To Research and Re-invent Technology,

Develop Industry and Enterprise Solutions,

Educate and Empower Communities

We hope that our members, audience and visitors take advantage of the educational materials, and resources that will be unleashed from this website. We strongly encourage feedback on how we can be better.

“There is no bound to where we can go. The Internet is only a subset of the human network.” —- Moses Ike